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 Gluten free
= Gluten Free
  Muffin of the day   flavour changes daily i.e raspberry & white chocolate, strawberry & white chocolate, blueberry & lemon
  Cheese Toasties   traditional cheese toastie ups with cheese, tomato, red onion & fresh parsley
  Sandwich Selection   Chicken, cranberry, lettuce & tomato
      Ham, egg, mayo, mustard, lettuce & tomato
      Cream cheese, brie, lettuce, toasted seeds with tomato & olive chutney
  Quiche   flavours change daily i.e Ham, tomato & cheddar, spinach & feta.
  Pies   Cottage, mince & potato
      Chicken, brie & cranberry    
  Roast Vegetable tart   With feta, red onion & fresh herbs in a light pastry case
  Thai Fishcakes   With red thai, coconut milk & fresh coriander
  Chicken Filo   flavour changes daily i.e with kumara, coriander, spinach, cream cheese & sweet chilli
  Rissotto Cakes
Gluten free
spinach, red pepper, fresh herbs, parmesan
Gluten free
Kumara, coriander, corn & feta fritters
  Soup - flavour changes daily   Small and Large
  Salads - Flavours change daily   Small, Medium and Large
      - Brown rice, cashew, soy & sweet chilli
      - Chickpea, roast kumara & capsicum
    - Lentil, spinach & feta with caramelised onion
      - Pasta with pesto & sundried tomatos
      - Healthslaw - fresh, crunchy, healthy
      - Noodles, bean, beetroot
  Family Meals    
  Family Pies   flavours include chicken and corn and cottage mince and potato.
  Beef Lasagne   premium quality mince cooked with tomatoes, fresh herbs, layered with fresh pasta and a light bechamel sauce
  Vegetable Lasagne   Packed with silverbeet, tomatoes, mushrooms & kumara layered with fresh pasta & a light bechamel sauce
  Fish Pie   Smoked fish. rice, egg baked in a mornay sauce
  Lentil Bake   Lentils, beans, carrot and corn in a tomato provencale with mashed pumpkin, kumara and potato and crumbled feta
  The ultimate Chocolate Brownie    
  Chocolate Caramel Slice    
  Lemon Yoghurt Cake    
  Citrus Slice    
  Scroggin Slice    
  Tiramisu Slice    
  Choclate Chippies    
  Lolly cake    
  Melting Moments
Gluten free
  Gingerbread Men
Gluten free
  Ginger crunch
Gluten free
  Carrot Cakes   Mini and Large
  Coffee & Smoothies    
  Short/Long black    
  Flat white    
  Iced Coffee    
  Chai latte    
  Hot chocolate    
  Iced Chocolate    
  Soy / Decaf / Extra shot / Syrups    
  Smoothies   Passionfruit, Mixed berry, feijoa, spirulina
  A selection of Vic's bread baked daily. i.e ciabatta, multi grain, bagels, focaccia
  Please order at your convenience
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